Dali's Cookbook: A Gastronomical Inquisition

When used to describe a piece of art, the adjective "delectable" isn't generally meant to suggest that you'll be employing your actual taste buds. One notable exception did occur in 1973, however, when surrealist master Salvador Dali collaborated with his wife, Gala, on a most unusual cookbook, Les Diner de Gala. Informed by Dali's distinctive style, the tome presented a heady blend of hallucinatory illustrations set against surprisingly appetizing recipes. Though the limited-edition publication has long been out of print, the book's storied reputation has only grown over the years, with secondhand copies now commanding hundreds of dollars. Those looking to sample the work's flavor without shelling out for a print edition can find one memorably metaphorical option in Dali's Cookbook, a strikingly original collaboration between Ballet of the Dolls and Zorongo Flamenco Dance Theatre. Envisioned as a savory five-course conceptual dining experience, Cookbook utilizes the reliably deft physicality and vividly imagined interpretations of both companies to achieve a uniquely danceable feast. A sumptuous smorgasbord of dance, the performance looks to satisfy the artistic cravings of even the most demanding palates.
June 23-25, 8 p.m.; Sun., June 26, 7 p.m., 2011

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