Dale Watson

If you're still moving after last night's revelry, you couldn't start off the New Year much better than dragging your sorry ass down to Lee's and getting a shot of authentic country music from Dale Watson and the Roe Family Band. Watson's mad as hell about the sad state of what passes for country these days, and does something about it by being an unreconstructed throw-back to the glory days of honky-tonk, Bakersfield, and inspiration seeping out of Appalachian hollers. Armed with a rumbling baritone, no-nonsense spirit, and songs about love, death, truth, and justice, Watson essentially picks up Johnny Cash's mantle, wraps it around himself, and strides into the future carrying genuine country on his back. Minnesota's Roe Family Band, loosely inspired by the Carter Family, bills itself as an eight-piece hillbilly band, or "one pretty little lady and a bunch of guys with hairy faces." Their old-timey sound is appropriately acoustic and adeptly picked, although their repertoire gives away their era by stretching things from Hank, Loretta, and Patsy to Neko Case and Billy Bragg.
Thu., Jan. 1, 9 p.m., 2009

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