Dada Trash Collage (CD-Release)

There may be no bif-bang-pows at Dada Trash Collage shows, but expect plenty of magic, slowly unfolding, for the patient and the curious. It hides in the buttons and knobs, released by the fingertips of the duo, who hold their places bobbing above mystery wires sure to be snaking up local charts with their upcoming full-length. What William Freed and Richard Bell create is intricate, delicate, and otherworldly pop. Pulling notes out of the firmament takes brushstrokes, not punches. It can't be, in its essence, throw yer head back/let 'er rip kind of music, thus they must hunch and hover over their tables of gadgets. But to experience their genius unfolding into blooming atmospherics is something for tucking into lockets. There will be sweat on other nights. Leave this night to the avant-garde. With the Dearling Physique, Netherfriends, Hunting Club. 18+.
Sat., May 8, 9 p.m., 2010

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