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Cy Amundson

Daily from June 27-28
8 p.m.

When it comes to walking the line between being a nationally recognized comedian and maintaining your local street cred, no one does it better than Cy Amundson. An alumni of Acme Comedy Co.’s open mic night, Amundson has been splitting his time the past few years between Minnesota and Los Angeles. He’s appeared on Conan, Comedy Central’s This Is Not Happening, and Adam Devine’s House Party. He’s also begun dabbling in the world of acting and voice acting. This week, he’ll return to his home club with a two-night stretch at Acme to record his sophomore comedy album. While he has been on a tear through the West Coast, Amundson has stayed true to his Minneapolis roots with recent appearances at the Hopkins Comedy Festival and a headlining stint at Acme back in January. It’s been three years since his last album, Lovesick in Toledo, was released; this week will be your chance to see how he’s grown as a performer on the stage where it all began. 18+.