Curster's Dollmighty Fashion Show

You might remember Erin Currie's work from her 2008 "Curster's Fantastico" show at SooVAC. In it, she created a world of paintings and toys featuring creatures in bright-red plush suits, balloons that lurk low to the ground as often as they float away, and smiling beasties that seem as ominous as they are childlike. So how does this aesthetic translate into a fashion line? Apparently pretty well. With Dollmighty, those lurking red balloons become an epic wave of ruffles on a skirt; the furry suit becomes a mint-colored stole. It's a combo of whimsy, goth Victorian, and badass. Military helmets somehow manage to look girly when covered in pink patterns, dresses are both playful and formal with the right details, and mukluks actually become fashionable. Currie's toy line has a bit of a cult following, and it would not surprise me if her fashions follow suit.
Sat., Dec. 12, 7 p.m., 2009

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