"Curio" Katherine Kuehne



Every Sat. from July 7-Sept. 6
12-7 p.m.
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12-5 p.m.
July 5
7-10 p.m.
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Light Grey Art Lab’s newest exhibition, “Curio,” consists of eight mini-shows, put together by a team of artists who recently traveled to Iceland and Norway through the gallery’s residency programs. Since 2014, Light Grey has programmed residencies in those countries as a way of learning and inspiring the creative practices of the artists who participate. This year’s pieces include ghosts, magic fire, and “vatn,” the Icelandic word for water. There’s also a Nordic runes collection, curated by the Norway Creative Residency team, which explores iconography, gods, and the messages of the 24 runes, dating back thousands of years. With illustrations, screenprints, watercolor postcards, buttons, pins, and zines, the exhibition bursts with inspiration from the Nordic region.