Curio Dance Premiere


Though dance duo Dario Mejia and Giselle Mejia founded Curio Dance a mere year ago, the team has created around 40 dances during that time. You can check out what they have been up to this weekend at their premiere performance at Intermedia Arts. Pieces are set to music as varied as classical, folk, electronic, and jazz; dancers fuse as many styles of choreography as well, from African to hip-hop, ballet, and modern dance. Each performance will feature breakdancer Kailen Nelson, popper Dave Marcotte, and actress Jennifer Beck-Esmay, who will host the show. There will also be other artistic elements such as video projection and photography. The program is being touted as having an uplifting message, and is family-friendly. For advance tickets call 651.274.0946.
Feb. 26-27, 7 p.m., 2010

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