CSI: The Experience

Is getting up-close and personal with a dead body and finding how it got that way your kink? You're in luck. The traveling exhibit, "CSI: The Experience," opens today at the Science Museum of Minnesota. In this criminally creative display, visitors dive into several crime scenes and use modern investigative technologies and techniques to get to the bottom of a crime—just like Horatio Caine would. In the Alley Scene, amateur sleuths are confronted with a body behind a Las Vegas motel. They then must collect evidence, jot notes, and take their findings to the lab to try to solve the grisly case. In the Desert segment, visitors must master forensic science as they work a dusty crime scene. Then it's time to get close to a corpse in an autopsy room. The vic has a head injury, and visitors are asked to uncover what events led to his death. At the end, you bring your findings to Grissom's office and find out how you did at playing detective. Now you just have to get a pair of orange sunglasses and practice smugly putting them on mid-sentence when talking to people. Then you'll be just like a real CSI. $8.50-$16.00.
Oct. 15-Jan. 4, 2008

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