Like most John Waters films, Cry-Baby is a campy, candy-colored, train wreck of a flick. We mean this in a really good way, actually. The movie was filmed during simpler times, back when Johnny Depp was mostly just that guy from 21 Jump Street, a time before the rockabilly look had been reclaimed by hipsters, and before John Travolta and Broadway had stomped on Hairspray's awesomeness. Waters followed up that mild hit with Cry-Baby, a flick set in the '50s about a good girl who falls for a guy from the wrong side of the tracks. Rather than having the lovebirds crashing and burning à la Romeo and Juliet, Waters keeps things tastefully trashy with hilarious make-out scenes, jail busts, monotone line readings (especially from ex-porn star Traci Lords), and perhaps the cheesiest backseat birthing scene in film history. Oh, and did we mention that it's a musical? There may not be smell-o-vision for this cinematic golden nugget, but you can make a drinking game by taking swigs of cheap beer or whiskey for every tear shed by an under- or over-acting cast member. Added bonus: There will be plenty of delicious doughnuts from the Donut Cooperative to snack on while you cry tears of joy, horror, and hilarity. 21+.
Mon., Aug. 9, 10 p.m., 2010

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