L-R: Emily Galati, Bryan Miller, Tim Slagle, and Martha Kelly.


Crash & Burn VI

Daily from April 4-8
8 p.m.
Daily from April 7-8
10:30 p.m.

Four headliners. Seven shows. Make a new act or die trying. That’s the official tagline for the sixth annual Crash & Burn. The brainchild of Acme favorite Tim Slagle, the weeklong event has become a must-see for comedy fans who want a peek behind the curtain. “It gives you a chance to see how the sausage gets made,” says Slagle. “If you come to the Tuesday show and see the nervousness of us performing our jokes for the first time, and then come back Saturday to see how it’s progressed all week, you really get an idea for how the process works and how the act develops.” For the comics themselves, the rules are fairly simple: The material performed has to be all new. They can work on those jokes throughout the week (or trash them entirely), but by Saturday the performers are expected to take the stage with no notes and a mostly polished set. While the potential for, well, crashing and burning might seem high, Slagle insists that the quality of these shows is anything but amateur, with Martha Kelly from FX’s Baskets, Emily Galati, and Bryan Miller set to perform. “I’m afraid the audience is going to think we’re faking it,” he laughs. “All of the performers take the writing so seriously and are so talented that I don’t think we’ve ever had a crash or burn.” Will this be the week their luck runs out? There’s only one way to find out. 18+.