Cowboy Mouth

The New Orleans quartet Cowboy Mouth claims lofty origins, proclaiming that the term adopted for its name was used by Shakespeare (Will presumably, although Robbie is a possibility), Bob Dylan, Patti Smith, and Sam Shepard. The Mouthqueteers themselves come from more humble roots: Crescent City rock bands such as the Back Beats, Dash Rip Rock, and the Red Rockers (which did have a national hit with "China"). And their music is endearingly proletarian, mostly tapping '70s and '80s mainstream rock elements, while Fred LeBlanc, the drummer/lead singer who writes most of the band's originals, sticks with easy hooks and gut sentiments: "Tell the Girl Ur Sorry," "I love your belly," "Kelly Ripa, if she were a lollipop I'd lick her." Delivered with nary a hint of irony but ample, full-throttle rock 'n' roll spirit, such is the stuff that has earned Cowboy Mouth a cult following even in these frigid climes. The band has also made a habit of singing the national anthem for various teams around the country, allegedly including the Vikings at one point. And there is a sports connection at this gig—when CM finishes its regular set, the Saints-Vikings game, which will be in progress, will be shown on a big screen TV. The band may follow the game with another set "if the crowd is into it," according to CM's manager. 18+.
Thu., Sept. 9, 7 p.m., 2010

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