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Costaki Economopoulos

Daily from April 23-27
8 p.m.
Daily from April 26-27
10:30 p.m.

It’s Atlanta week at Twin Cities comedy clubs. While Costaki Economopoulos performs at Acme, fellow Georgia native Sarah Tiana is at the House of Comedy. “It’s a shame we can’t get Ms. Pat at another joint,” says Economopoulos. “We’re the big three comedy/Atlanta sports fans that I know of.” These days, Economopoulos is adjusting to a move from New York to L.A., as the mother of his 10-year-old kid got a job in California. So Economopoulos, his wife, and his newborn are headed west, too. While he’s known for his football-based humor, his standup set is more family-focused these days. “We had some fertility challenges, so I’ll cover all that in the show,” he says, “and we have the 10-year-old half the time, and the eight-month-old all the time.” That arrangement lets him hit the road a few times a month, though it’s not as much as he’d like as a comic. “It’s great for being a dad, though.” He adds, “I didn’t know how good I had it with the co-parenting deal. This new baby never leaves.” 18+.