Costaki Economopoulos

There's quite a bit going on in the life of Costaki Economopoulos. First of all, he's newly engaged. "What a cliché," he laughs. "One knee, sunset in Hawaii. Yes, did the whole thing. It was crazy. We're very excited." Now it's back to work, and with football season approaching, Costaki is hard at it. "I've been building this football joke-writing cottage industry," he says. In the past few years, he's made memes and appeared on radio shows, and he's now developing a podcast called Quick Snaps. He rarely writes jokes about other sports, though. "Almost never," he says. "Football is the only sport I follow. It's the only sport I've ever liked to watch, and I got obsessed with fantasy football 10 or 15 years ago. It's been a guilty pleasure. I was already reading wide receiver stats, and feeling like a schmuck for wasting my time, so I made it part of my job." But it's not all gridiron giggles, particularly in markets where he doesn't make regular radio appearances during football season. "In Minneapolis, it will be less about football and more about me," he states. "My life is weird and interesting. I just got engaged, I have a four-year-old daughter who lives across the street, I have a shrink and a lawyer. I'm trying to talk about my relationship with my fiancée and with my daughter." For example: "I'm terrible at taking compliments," he says. "The other day my fiancée — and there was some hyperbole here — said, 'You're the sexiest man alive.' And honestly, my first reaction was, 'Alive? Why are we limiting it to people who are alive?' Leave it to me to find the glass half empty in that statement." 18+.
Aug. 6-10, 8 p.m.; Aug. 9-10, 10:30 p.m., 2013

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Acme Comedy Co.

708 N. 1st St.
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