Corey Adams


Corey Adam

March 15
8 p.m.

Corey Adam has been a big part of the Twin Cities comedy community for nearly a decade. That’s why it may come as a surprise that he’s just releasing his first official album of material this week. “I released an album of just crowd work a few years ago, because I wasn’t ready to put out a full album but I needed something I could sell on the road,” he says of 2015’s No Joke. The new release, aptly titled Jokes, will take a more traditional approach, featuring material that Adam has built through countless hours onstage over the past several years. To celebrate, Adam will host a special album-release party at Sisyphus Brewing, the same room where he recorded Jokes last year. While he has performed for strangers all over the country, he says that the pressure he feels around this album is more personal than anything he’s done before. “With the crowd work album, if people didn’t like my sick burns or whatever, I didn’t care. If people don’t like this album, I’ll probably cry and quit comedy and go get a day job.”