There's simply no bigger or better party all year for Twin Cities nerds than CONvergence. More than its constituent events, CON serves as the annual chataqua for a subculture defined by video and role-playing games, fantasy and sci-fi, and anime; it's a meeting point of our state's outcasts, where weirdness is the norm and all things geek are celebrated. From guest speakers, including vampire-romance queen L.A. Banks and Family Guy voice actor Wally Wingert, to panel discussions with titles like "Monsters of H.P. Lovecraft" and "Parenting Geeks: Starting Them Young," CON caters to every flavor of geek interest. LAN parties, games of Dungeons & Dragons, an electronic dance party and costume contest, as well as free food and beverages, encourage cross-genre socialization. Attendees in the know frequently head straight to the privately hosted hotel-room parties, where CONaraderie continues late into the night, fueled by free-flowing booze, as well as (rumor has it) stronger stuff. If you're a geek in Minnesota, you have no excuse for missing CON; break out your best sci-fi, comic, or fantasy villain costume (this year's theme celebrates evil adversaries of all stripes) and join the party. Visit for info. (Photo by Peter Verrant)
July 1-4, 2010

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