Contemporary Monsters

The scariest monsters live inside our heads. Sure, the tales of werewolves, vampires, and ghosts terrify us, but it is what they represent—what they force us to contemplate—that is truly frightening. "Contemporary Monsters" at the Northern Clay Center features the work of seven artists. Their surreal, sadistically whimsical sculptures are sure to unsettle visitors. Tom Bartel's decrepit babies, some donning makeup, others with cracked skin, one with sunken eyes, force a merging of the concepts of life and death. Cynthia Consentino plays with gender as her little girls vomit Easter lilies and don the heads of wolves and rabbits. Michael Lucero's vibrant animal series is what squirrels and turtles would look like if you had a head full of acid. Guest curator Edith Garcia's sculptures are cruel and twisted; lovers must kiss for all eternity because they are joined at the neck. John de Fazio creates horrors that could only exist in the present day. One of his gobbledygook sculptures is an atom bomb smoke cloud of eyeballs, cartoon characters, and Jesus. Works for this show may haunt your dreams after they dazzle your eyes and mind.
March 13-May 3, 2009

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