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Part of the inherent appeal in revisiting an older stage work is observing how social mores have evolved over time. This is particularly true of a work like Company, the celebrated collaboration between playwright George Furth and composer Stephen Sondheim that was heralded for capturing the cultural zeitgeist of 1970. A musical comedy concerning a recalcitrant bachelor coming to grips with his chronically single status, even as he observes the emotional dysfunction of his married/attached friends, Company was an immediate sensation, racking up a record 14 Tony Award nominations and winning seven. Much of the acclaim can be credited to the inventive narrative approach, which bypassed linear storytelling in favor of short vignettes, each providing more insight into the main character’s guarded psyche. Lending further character depth are the musical numbers, which, though wildly varied in form, delight in fraying even further the most supposedly contented of matrimonial bonds. Directed by William Pacholsi, this touring production features an ensemble cast headed by Ryan Nelson, musical direction from Randy Buikema, and choreography by Lauri Kraft.