Company Inc.

Company Inc. have spent years sifting through musical junk piles. Throughout their lifespan, they have fastened together abandoned trinkets from myriad genres to construct a fortress hidden in the shadows between chaos and beauty. In front of this backdrop, they choreograph their passion play. Cemented by angular bass lines, the foursome layers Nina Hagen-ish operatic vocals, carnal hooting, and abrasive lead guitar, letting the toxins boil until, exhausted, they relent and release the tension. The group's drive to experiment with tones and time signatures has led them to be one of the most daring and interesting bands in the cities. Perhaps it is the complexity of their music that has kept them relatively under the radar. Yet their jagged eloquence demands attention. With Lollipop Factory, Ribbons, and Right From Rona. All ages.
Thu., July 16, 7 p.m., 2009

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