The collection of Jason Howard. L-R/top to bottom: Judith G. Levy, Karl Unnasch, Jason Rowland (a.k.a. R6D4), and Plasticgod


Collect Call 3: Exploring Art Patronage

Every Wed., Thu., Fri., Sat., and Sun. from Sept. 30-Oct. 21
All Day
Art, Galleries

Buying pieces from artists in town is supporting local business. This fall, Soo Visual Arts Center will once again explore the world of art patronage, inviting local collectors to share their experiences and collections. This is a group show on multiple levels, as folks like Babes in Toyland rocker Lori Barbero, former news host Robyne Robinson, and Made Here curator Joan Vorderbruggen will be sharing items from their private collections, which feature a variety of artists. See the art these people hang in their homes, and consider how their approach to collecting could expand the decor in your world.