Colin Stetson

July 23
7 p.m.
Experimental, Indie Pop, Jazz, Singer-Songwriter

Although he plays multiple instruments, often in unorthodox ways, Colin Stetson’s personal style is best exemplified by the instrument he’s most closely associated with: bass saxophone. That rare, massive horn requires strenuous exertion just to move it, never mind the hurricane force necessary to coax notes out of it nor the array of odd techniques Stetson employs to elicit all manner of unexpected noises, including percussion, electronica-like burbling, and quirky vocalizations—all delivered simultaneously, and without overdubs. On his new solo album, All This I Do for Glory, Stetson also plays alto, tenor, and contrabass clarinet, creating a distinctive mélange of avant-garde jazz, metal, drone, classical, minimalism, and post-rock. On the title track, otherworldly meditations and ethereal melodies snatched from the ether flirt with grunge and industrial stomp, while extraterrestrial creatures scurry conspiratorially on “Like Wolves on the Fold.” Experimental jazz/ambient trumpeter Justin Walter opens.