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Colin Jost

June 22
8 p.m.

If you’re finding yourself having Colin Jost withdrawals now that it’s summertime, you’re in luck. While the SNLstar might not be coming back to your television for a few more months, you can catch him live and in person this Saturday night at Mystic Lake. Best known for his politically charged one-liners from behind the Weekend Update news desk, Jost is also an incredible writer (he’s currently one of the co-head writers of SNL), actor, tabloid darling (did you hear he’s engaged to some actress or something?), and occasional pro wrestler (his match at this year’s Wrestlemania was a sight to behold). This weekend, Jost will be onstage by his lonesome, performing his standup, which is a combo of stuff that could very well be Update material, as well as personal stories and memories that are not as NBC-friendly. If his turn hosting last year’s Emmys is any indication, he’ll have no problem filling up the big stage with his smart, layered jokes, and his cute-as-shit boy face.