Asia Ward, 'Cocoon'



April 20
6 p.m.
Art, Galleries

Sculptural artist Asia Ward uses giant sheets of plastic to create a futuristic cocoon for this exhibition at the Better World Museum, Paige Dansinger’s art space. Ward created the work as part of her fine-arts masters program at the University of Minnesota. The piece reflects her interest in merging science and art, drawing on nature in curious and illuminating ways. Collaborating with Ward is Kat Moon, whose digital projection piece, The Broken Hallelujah, is a thrill to the senses. Friday night’s celebration is also a chance to check out the new Better World Museum location. The organization, which focuses on accessibility at the intersection of technology and creativity, recently moved to a larger space in City Center. (Use the Hennepin Avenue doors if you arrive after 7 p.m.).