Cloud Nothings Jesse Lirola


Cloud Nothings

Feb. 11
8 p.m.
Indie Rock, Rock

Cloud Nothings often find themselves in conversations about rock’s relevance circa 2017. Ultimately, the Cleveland indie-rockers are proof the genre can still pack a powerful punch. Frontman Dylan Baldi began Cloud Nothings as a solo project in 2009, and his lo-fi pop-punk songs quickly captured the attention of the Los Angeles-based Bridgetown Records. He soon joined the roster of the bigger, more celebrated Carpark Records, and over the next few years, Cloud Nothings justified Nirvana and Weezer comparisons with four bulldozing, hook-heavy records, including last month’s Life Without Sound. On Sound, which was produced by longtime Sleater-Kinney collaborator John Goodmanson, Baldi’s vocals are at their all-time cleanest, bringing Ben Gibbard comparisons for the first time. Still, the LP has a few chaotic moments for lovers of the band’s heavier past, including “Strange Year” and “Realize My Fate.” With Moon Bros., Fury Things, and Citric Dummies.