Tour often enough with bands on the noise-centric Load Records roster, it seems, and Load will issue one of your albums in due time (we're holding our breath for this distro-positive fate to befall the radioactively aggro No Doctors). Weirdly, Clockcleaner—a Philadelphia trio touting Babylon Rules, its Load-sponsored latest—play it a bit too straight and too HC punk to merit an automatic No Fun Fest invite. Raucous, rowdy rock moves party down with frontman/guitarist John A. Sharkey III's demented Calvin Johnson impressions and gratuitous pedal-effects splatterhouse. In other words, Sharkey, bassist Karen Horner, and drummer Richie Charles are a helluva lotta full-tilt fun, the sort of group that acts as a welcome sonic turpentine on live bills packed wall to wall with acts endeavoring to drown you in an Olympic-sized pool of aural Sherwin-Williams. With the Shortcuts and Dollyrots. 21+.
Wed., Nov. 14, 9 p.m., 2007

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