City on the Make

As with each of the "Four Nights in Loring: Local Bands, Local Films" events being presented this August by City Pages and Lunds, tonight's performance by Marijuana Deathsquads and screening of Fargo will be followed by an afterparty at Nick and Eddie. This week's afterparty performers are City on the Make, an increasingly tight and punchy bar band whose bluesy riffs accompany fierce, gravelly lyrics that are closer to a punk-rock poetry slam than anything predictably melodic. Which isn't to say that lead singer Mike Massey can't sing—the band has been experimenting with a few softer songs that allow him to do just that—but Massey's best when he's growling and red in the face, hopping around the stage and spitting into his microphone while the band tears through one song after another right behind him. What better way to wind down from a viewing of Fargo than with City on the Make's noir tales of the industrial apocalypse? 18+. (Photo by Jeff Henrickson)
Tue., Aug. 10, 11:30 p.m., 2010

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