Citizen Cope

You might recognize Citizen Cope's tunes from a recent Pontiac commercial ("Son's Gonna Rise"), you might have heard him play between angsty teenage stares on a few CW shows ("Sideways"), you might even have even heard Cope on the Current, but despite exposure and an intense touring schedule, Citizen Cope hasn't been hit with commercial success. Though Citizen Cope sometimes refers to a band, it also refers to a man, Memphis-born singer/songwriter Clarence Greenwood. His scratchy voice and relaxed, smooth guitar often come across as low-key, but take a closer listen to the lyrics of songs like "Bullet and a Target," which is about amputees in Sierra Leone, and you'll understand that you're listening to more than just pop-filler. Citizen Cope has had some record-label drama in the past few years, jumping from Capitol to Arista, then finally landing at RCA and releasing a third full-length, Every Waking Moment. It's a mix of blues, rock, and hip hop with brief moments of political awareness ("Friendly Fire").
Mon., Oct. 6, 7:30 p.m., 2008

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