Sara Jordenö’s KIKI 2016


Cinema of Urgency: KIKI

July 21
7 p.m.
Twenty-six years ago, documentary filmmaker Jennie Livingston came out with the groundbreaking film Paris Is Burning, depicting the flamboyant world of New York City drag balls and offering an inside look at the queer and trans communities of color that made up the voguing scene. This year, Swedish director Sara Jordenö takes over where Livingston left off with her film KIKI, about a new subculture made up of queer youth involved in Kiki ballroom competitions. Jordenö's film, made in collaboration with ballroom "gatekeeper" Twiggy Pucci Garçonwhich, follows seven participants in the Kiki community over the course of four years, capturing not only the pageantry but the underlying issues of homelessness, prostitution, drug addiction, illness, and prejudice that permeate the subculture. The film is screened at the Walker Art Center as part of the Cinema of Urgency series, programmed in partnership with Full Frame Documentary Film Festival in Durham, North Carolina. Pick up free tickets in the Hennepin lobby starting at 6 p.m.