'Cinema Paradiso'


Cinema in Film

Daily from June 2-13
Time Varies
Festivals, Film

Demonstrating the enduring appeal of movie theaters, the intimate local screening room known as the Trylon microcinema has thrived for eight years on electrifyingly eclectic programming that unifies celebrated standards, cult classics, and world-spanning works under insightfully derived themes. This summer the theater will undergo a major renovation intended to double the seating capacity and redesign the lobby and marquee. Bookending the construction, the Trylon will also use these changes as an opportunity to present the Cinema in Film, a new series spotlighting how movie theaters have been depicted on the big screen. Prior to the renovation, from June 2-13, the Trylon will be showing Cinema Paradiso (1988), Matinee (1993), The Blob (1958), and Kings of the Road (1976). Following the three-month closure, the newly spruced-up Trylon will reopen in mid-September.