Chuck & Sean's Trivia Night

Every Sun. from April 6
8 p.m.
Think you're smart? What better way to prove this than by winning a $20 bar tab at the 331 trivia night hosted by Heiruspecs bassist Sean McPherson, and Como Avenue Jug Band mamber Chuck Terhark? Show up around 9 p.m. this Sunday (or earlier to ensure your team gets a spot) and be prepared for the most intense trivia quiz... ever. Rounds 1 and 2 usually feature 15 questions each, followed by an image round, and a music round. There may also be bonus points for those that can stump Chuck or Sean (I've heard it's easier than it sounds). You know what always helps people win pub quizzes? Beer. You should totally order up a Pabst Blue Ribbon. Not able to make it this weekend? No worries: Trivia night at the 331 is a weekly event, just show up on Sunday, stretch those brain muscles, and enjoy the DJ set that follows the quiz.