Chuck Klosterman

June 13
7:30 p.m.
Pop culture critic and loquacious author Chuck Klosterman scrutinizes the present through the lens of a hypothesized future in But What If We're Wrong?, his new nonfiction book that brings him to Magers & Quinn on Monday night. Among the questions posed by the Midwesterner-turned-Brooklynite are: Who will be the next Kafka? (Someone obscure.) Which musicians will go down in history as the ultimate rock 'n' rollers? (The Rolling Stones, the Beatles, and Bob Dylan are top contenders.) Will Roseanne be the most-remembered television show? (He makes a convincing case for it.) Will professional sports survive? (Probably not, at least not in their current incarnation.) What about global warming? (He's unsure if he should say anything at all.) Is what we call "reality" in fact just a virtual simulation that someone, somewhere, is playing like a video game? (Is your head spinning yet?) The catch-22 of Klosterman asking such questions is that landing on concrete answers is impossible — and that's okay, because the point of the book is to loosen our grasp on certainty. By recognizing what we don't know — and how wrong we've been in the past when we were sure we were right — we make way for wonder.