First Avenue's the perfect place for these indie-kid funk-pop bands—they both channel the Time's hilarious funkiness in different ways. (And yes, Prince. Of course.)  Montreal's Chromeo—Dave 1 on vox/guitars, and P-Thugg on talkbox /keyboards—replicate 1980s Top 40 tropes so perfectly it's like they're on a vision quest to find their inner Shalamar. Their craft is serious, but their lyrics serve up pitch-perfect character comedy—the hapless Oedipus/Elektra romance in "Momma's Boy," the world-weary hipster who offers "bonafied [sic] lovin'/The kind that makes me feel old." (See p. 46 for more on Chromeo.) And Holy Ghost!, from Brooklyn, have a more groove-based, less polished feel than the other band on the bill—like a seasoned '80s Brit-funk group with roots in jazz. U-Term's chunky remix of their "Say My Name" honest-to-God would have been a hit at college club night in 1985. Or so we've heard. 18+.
Sat., Aug. 7, 7 p.m., 2010

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