Rosemary Valero-O'Connell for City Pages' 2016 Comix Issue.



Daily from Aug. 1-Sept. 12
Time Varies
Free; call for gallery appointment after Friday's opening
Art, Galleries, LGBTQ

The Twin Cities comic and zine scenes are bursting with creativity. That includes series and works created by female, queer, and POC cartoonists. For the past couple of years, folks have seen this demonstrated at the Twin Cities Zine Fest, an exceptionally inclusive event. Now, works from such artists will be showcased at Modus Locus at their summertime group show. The exhibition, curated by Caitlin Skaalrud, will highlight five emerging talents. Texas transplant Alex D. Araiza explores being homesick in his strip, while Fiona Avocado takes readers through topics ranging from current events to alternate universes. Minneapolis-based Ana Hinojosa, born in the Dominican Republic, explores Caribbean Latinx cultures and identities, and has contributed to the feminist teen/young adult publication Rookie Magazine. Coryn LaNasa plays with autobiographical and extraterrestrial elements. Rosemary Valero-O’Connell, whose work has appeared in DC Comics (and City Pages!), is currently working on a graphic novel with author Mariko Tamaki. See their pieces together in one exhibit.