Christopher Watson Dance Company: 8th Annual Dances at the Lakes Festival

Performing outside has its risks. Last year, Christopher Watson and his crew successfully out-danced an oncoming thunderstorm—lightning, wind, green sky, and all. But the reward for audiences is the opportunity to enjoy movement in a lovely summertime setting while sipping some wine, enjoying a picnic, and lying in the grass. The Dances at the Lakes Festival has developed into a welcome tradition, and Watson once again has drawn together choreographers and companies from near and far to join him on the lawn. The program features fledgling dancers and familiar faces such as Kinetic Evolutions, BallareTeatro Dance Theatre, Young Dance, Ray Terrill Dance Group, and the Youth Dance Ensemble. Special guests with Twin Cities connections include E.E. Balcos, now from Charlotte, North Carolina, as well as musician Jane Anfinson, who calls San Francisco home and will be performing with Jodi Collova and local choreographer Heidi Geier. For more info visit or call 612.670.0839.
June 19-20, 7:30 p.m., 2009

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