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Chris Redd

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Chris Redd is a standup comedian and featured performer on NBC’s Saturday Night Live. He’s also known for his role as Hunter the Hungry in the mockumentary Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping.“Heaven would be like a Great Gatsby party where black people are invited,” he tells an audience, recalling a conversation he once had with his cousin. “And they’re not just there for work or the dance sequence, but they’re kickin’ it.” A native of Chicago, he is sometimes baffled by how people in warm-weather cities react to a cold snap or sudden burst of wintery weather. “I was in Atlanta a few years ago when they got 2 inches of snow and the whole city was torn,” he says. “I was acting a fool in the airport. I was slapping people. They would ask me, ‘What’s that for?’ I’d tell them, ‘That’s what Chicago wind feels like.’” 16+.