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Chris Porter

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8 p.m.
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Chris Porter just completed his busiest year as a comedian. “I did 40 weeks on the road,” he said via phone from Syracuse, New York. This year is shaping up to be just as busy, if not busier. Traveling so much, he’s noticed the similarities and differences of American cities. “Not every city has a historical past,” he says. “In any city you’ll find a mall-town where it’s very homogenized. It’s basically a town that is a mall and Nordstrom is mayor.” However, Porter notes, there are other areas that are the complete opposite of that. “You can find a downtown, or a bohemian area, or a historic neighborhood where people are still connected to the city’s history. There are a lot of people who are scared of things that aren’t P.F. Chang’s or the Cheesecake Factory. But the people who are a bit more cultured and curious will find those unique areas.” His latest album, Lost & Alone, came out last September, and this March he’ll appear on the hit Comedy Central series This Is Not Happening. 18+.