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Chris Porter

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“I used to try to relax when I came home,” says Chris Porter from the back of a limo in Las Vegas, “but the older I get, I realize my time on Earth is coming to an end, so now I try and keep myself busy. I’ve slept enough for 40 years. Let’s live a little.” The limo is courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel’s comedy club, and is shuttling Porter back from a radio interview. Never one for Vegas, Porter enjoys the town more these days. “The older I get I’m starting to figure out how to do it, and it’s a little more fun now. I don’t really gamble, but I like the restaurants and, well, the restaurants really.” When not headlining clubs around the country, Porter co-hosts The One Millionth Podcast with his sister Andi. He is also big into sports, particularly his hometown Kansas City Royals, University of Kansas men’s basketball, and the Kansas City Chiefs. Based in L.A., he makes it back to K.C. a few times a year, and has even thought of moving back some day. “The last time I went back, I realized that wasn’t an option,” he explains. “Not many people in Kansas City have my schedule. I don’t know if you’ve ever asked someone to brunch on a Tuesday, but they get mad at you.”