Carissa Gallo


Chris Kraus

Sept. 14
7 p.m.

Hot from the hit Amazon series I Love Dick, based on her salacious novel of the same name, author Chris Kraus has gone and dropped a biography of another female author who doesn’t give a shit what you think: literary punk princess Kathy Acker. Acker escaped the confines of her rich East Coast family to embark on a body of work that layered porn, plagiarized texts, experimental forms, and philosophy, infusing it all with her own diary. While exploring Acker’s inner life, Kraus vividly captures the world she inhabited. Through meticulous research, Kraus brings the downtown New York punk arts scene of the late 1970s to life, as well as the queer feminist community of mid-1980s San Francisco and the snooty London writers’ community that sometimes embraced and sometimes snubbed Acker. With nuance and extreme detail, Kraus illustrates the ways Acker both nurtured a culture of artists around her and threw jabs at anyone who stood in her way. This Thursday, Kraus will visit Midway Contemporary Art to give a reading of her recently launched book.