Chris Fleming Vanyaland


Chris Fleming

Jan. 17
7 p.m.

Chris Fleming channels his social anxieties into wonderfully awkward comedy, recognizing the wealth of folly to be found in misconstrued cues and neuroses. He is perhaps best known for Gayle, a 41-episode web series in which he played Gayle Waters-Waters, a status-obsessed suburban mother. The show allowed him free reign to lambast the more ridiculous aspects of that life, such as exhibiting a manic commitment to physical fitness and the art of exchanging superficial pleasantries with passive-aggressive neighbors. Whereas Gayle is an over-the-top caricature of suburban dementia, Fleming’s standup persona is relatively grounded. Onstage, he is more inclined to share personal accounts of irrationality, riffing on his perceived inadequacies and self-esteem. Fleming’s latest set at the Cedar should include reflective musings, social commentary, and musical interludes, all united by a delightful sense of absurdity. All ages.