Chris Bliss

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“I think I found a way to fix Medicare,” says comedian, speaker, and Bill of Rights proponent Chris Bliss. “It’s what I’m calling the ‘End-of-Life Early Buy-Out.’” Bliss explains that roughly 80 percent of Medicare costs are spent in the last 18 months of life on 5 percent of patients. “This is what is bankrupting the program. If you know someone is going to go through 12 months of incredible torture at a cost of one million dollars to the system, you go, ‘Look, it’s going to cost us one million dollars to keep you alive. Your family can go through hell together, and have a wonderfully bankrupt memory, or we’ll give you $450,000 to walk away now.’ It’s a marketplace solution.” Personally, Bliss has his own end-of-life plan. “Have you ever put down a dog? The whole thing only takes a few seconds,” he says. “I got to wondering if I can just have my vet come over when the time is right.” 18+.