Chris Bliss & Josh Weinstein

You won't see a show like the one running this week at Acme anywhere else in the country—literally. Longtime friends Chris Bliss and Josh Weinstein, veteran performers with impressive and eclectic résumés, have over the last half-decade created a unique two-man show they reprise once a year, and only in Minneapolis. There's no emcee or feature performer, just two headliners sharing the stage for an hour and a half of tag-team comedy ("although I hate to use a wrestling metaphor," Weinstein adds), with each comedian taking turns doing pieces of their solo sets, then combining the two with some improvised interaction leading up to a shared finale. Bliss is a smart, concept-driven comic who's also one of the country's foremost jugglers — check out the video titled "The Big Finale" on his website and have your mind blown— while Weinstein, a St. Louis Park native, is an ace joke writer who was one of the founding members of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and provided the original voice of Tom Servo. After a stint writing for the phenomenal TV dramedy Freaks and Geeks he's back at work with Joel Hodgson and other former MST3K cast members in their new live movie-riffing venture, Cinematic Titanic. 18+. (Pictured: Chris Bliss)
June 1-5, 8 p.m.; June 4-5, 10:30 p.m., 2010

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