With their boots grounded in folk, a wagon full of punk flair, and lyrics full of political steam, Chokecherry sound like cheap beer and taste like squealing tires. The rowdy group of four aren't shy about their belief in DIY culture, but so raw about it that they're frequently humorous. If you can catch the speeding lyrics, you'll raise your fist to phrases like, "You and I will never be free 'til every boss is dead and buried." Yikes. The banjo and violin melodies speak to the band's old-time, outlaw country inspirations, while Chokecherry's radical attitude provides the cream. Their show at the Hex is also their CD release and tour kickoff party. Ruthless band friends Knotwells, Baby Guts, and Nancy Drew Crew will open. 21+.
Thu., Aug. 21, 9 p.m., 2008

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