Chocolate Sampler Night: Fete Mondial

Whether you say chocolat or chocolate, it's hard to find someone immune to the irresistible treat. For thousands of years Central and South Americans cultivated cacao beans into bitter drinks before Spanish explorers brought the exotic delight back to Europe. Chocolate has earned its place as a hot commodity, functioning not only as a popular culinary ingredient but also as a form of currency in its early days. The Minnesota History Center's "Chocolate: An Exhibition" peels back the wrapper on this delectable goody and offers a sweet look at chocolate's colorful history, manufacturing process, and other tempting trivia. As an added bonus, the museum will host several tasting evenings, including a must for any and all chocoholics: Fête Mondial. The event, translated into English as "World Festival," features chocolate samples hailing from gastronomically famous locales including Europe and the Caribbean. Café Accordion's Dan Newton is slated to serenade attendees as they dine on confections and cocktails. Participants will also have the chance to make a livre des recettes du chocolat: delicious recipes for budding connoisseurs. All other Minnesota History Center exhibits and stores will also be open during the chocolate-covered extravaganza. Call 651.259.3015 for required reservations.
Thu., Oct. 21, 7 p.m., 2010

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