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Chloe Radcliffe

Daily from Sept. 6-7
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Four years ago, Chloe Radcliffe was laid off from Target as part of the Great Purge of 2015. While others sought similar job opportunities, Radcliffe decided to go a different route, trying standup comedy for the very first time. “I thought I’d try it once and then never do it again,” she says, “but I loved it immediately.” Since then, she has moved to New York, was named one of Conan O’Brien’s “Comics to Watch” as part of the New York Comedy Festival, and has been a driving force behind the 10,000 Laughs Festival. “There’s a cycle that I think most people pursuing a dream experience,” she says. “Feel successful, ride that high, feel unsuccessful, beat yourself up, rinse and repeat. In Minneapolis, that cycle happens every six months for me. In New York, it happens once a week.” This weekend, Radcliffe will be riding that high when she returns to Minneapolis as a headliner, armed with a polished hour of material that could easily show up on a Netflix special or late-night talk show very soon. Still, she hasn’t let her rise in comedy change her need for constant reassurance. “At this point, my focus is just headlining small rooms like the CCU. I’ve also got a couple of non-standup projects cooking, so please follow me on Instagram. Please God, I need this.”