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Every Thu., Fri., and Sat. from Dec. 1-16
7:30 p.m.
Every Sun. from Dec. 3-17
2 p.m.
Dec. 4
7:30 p.m.

Chess might be a game characterized by quiet contemplation, but its namesake musical thrives on dramatic confrontation. The unruliness arises from the tumultuous relationship between Freddie, the hot-tempered American champion, and Anatoly, the calculating Soviet master. The machinations between the two are not merely professional, but convey the weight of oppositional Cold War forces. Add in a love triangle involving Florence, Freddie’s ex-lover/chess second, and all composure is bound to go by the wayside. Playwright Richard Nelson weaves in a web of intrigue and duplicity that extends far beyond the chess board, and the musical numbers by ABBA members Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson, with lyrics by frequent Andrew Lloyd Rice collaborator Tim Rice, emphasize emotional bombast. Set to make a striking impression with live music, a promising cast, and the co-direction of Bradley Donaldson and Jim Vogel, Chess can be considered something of a theatrical gambit, defying traditional conventions for something far more unpredictable.