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Chad Daniels

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“I like the winter. I like playing in the snow and doing all that stuff,” says comedian and Minnesotan Chad Daniels from a golf course in Florida. “But this winter, with the 30-below days and a foot of snow every other day, has been a bit much.” Fortunately, Daniels can escape to other parts of the country. “I split custody of my 15-year-old daughter, so I’m home as much as I can be,” he explains, “but if I have to take her with me on the road, she loves it.” The two have a blast. “We’ll go see live music. In Nashville we went to Third Man Records. I like doing a lot of history stuff, too, so if I’m going to take her out of school to travel with me I like to make sure she’s at least learning.” Last year, Daniels did a run through the South, allowing him and his daughter to see the motel where Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated, now the Civil Rights Museum, as well as his birthplace in Atlanta. “We went through Alabama, and it turned into a civil rights trail. Very cool.” Onstage, Daniels talks about being a divorced dad, having a daughter going through puberty, and having a son in college. His one-hour special is due to be released in April through Amazon. 18+.