Chad Daniels

Chad Daniels is living the good life in northern Minnesota. Based in Fergus Falls, he headlines clubs across the country while also making regular appearances on late-night chat shows. Every now and then, though, he has to explain that his hometown isn't also that of Bullwinkle J. Moose. "I always have people mistake Fergus Falls for Frostbite Falls," he says. Onstage, Daniels continues to give his unique take on life. "It's kind of the same stuff I've been doing," he says. "My kids are obviously growing and experiencing different things, and fatherhood is always a challenge, so I like to let people know my new strategies." And whereas most comedians exaggerate real-life experiences onstage, Daniels does the opposite. "I tell my friends, 'I tell you guys stories; I go onstage and tell the absolute truth.'" Among his parenting strategies is avoiding so-called experts. "Not reading books helps," he notes. "A lot of people read books, but it's like a golf swing. If you're over-coached you're not going to be able to use your real talents." And while they provide a lot of inspiration for his material, only one of his kids enjoys being mentioned. "My daughter is very charismatic and loves attention, but hates when I talk about her onstage," he explains. "She's nine, and I don't think she gets the concept of comedy. She thinks that it's about making fun of people." His son, on the other hand, is shy but loves when he's the subject of a joke. "It's very odd. It's completely backwards." 18+.
Oct. 22-26, 8 p.m.; Oct. 25-26, 10:30 p.m., 2013

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Acme Comedy Co.

708 N. 1st St.
Minneapolis, MN 55401


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