Center for Lost Objects Jennifer Bong


Center for Lost Object's Opening Celebration

Dec. 1
5-11 p.m.
Art, Galleries

According to old tales, there are little gnomes that come into our homes in the middle of the night to steal our knickknacks and precious items for sport. These objects might be gone for years or even decades only to show up in the most unexpected of places. If you’re curious about where these riches turn up, make your way to the Center for Lost Objects, which this week celebrates the grand opening of its new St. Paul location. A gallery, showroom, and workshop, the Center for Lost Objects sells antiques, up-cycled goods, furniture, and local arts and crafts. Formerly located on Lake Street, the new magical place also hosts a monthly makers mart featuring performances and new artists each month. For the grand opening celebration, burlesque troupe Le Cirque Rouge Cabaret will offer a free show, and there will be snacks and refreshments.