Tera Kilbride, 'Distortion'


Censored; Artists Respond

March 16
7-11 p.m.
March 18
12-4 p.m.
March 25
12-4 p.m.
Art, Galleries

Controversy erupted in February at Artspace Jackson Flats, a live/work space in northeast Minneapolis, over a series of female nudes. As reported by City Pages, the body-positive exhibition, curated by Kristin Harsma, faced censorship when residents of the building were offended by the artwork. Management told Harsma that she needed to adjust the placement of the works. This month, a new show featuring residents of the building and guest artists emerges at Artspace in response. Pieces will take on the topic of censorship directly. The exhibition takes place in two different areas. In the more public Yellow Gallery, the work will all be self-censored as artists explore the ways that they have been censored or silenced. The larger Gray Gallery, which is a bit more secluded, will highlight work that some have deemed offensive.