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Celeste Barber

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Though she has been a successful actor for years, appearing in several TV series in her native Australia, Celeste Barber has gained worldwide attention thanks to Instagram. It’s on that social media platform that she humorously recreates the photos, videos, and posts of the famous. She has amassed five million followers, four million of those following in the past 18 months. The mother of two is helped in her social media antics by one of her two step-daughters and a husband she modestly describes as “universally hotter” than she is. “I did one on a surfboard when I was in Bali,” she told Australia’s Today Show last year. “Lady Gaga had done yoga on a surfboard because, obviously. So, I did yoga on a surfboard. It didn’t go well, the surfboard flew up and smacked me on the nose. My husband asked, ‘Is my surfboard all right?’” 16+.