Catie Curtis

At a time when virtually every songwriter with an ounce of sensitivity has been addressing the sorry state of affairs on the planet, Catie Curtis focused on domestic bliss on her latest album, Sweet Life. But if you know Curtis, a neo-folkie out of the Boston scene who has increasingly drifted in a rootsy pop, country-inflected direction, you could guess that's not the whole story. Although the life Curtis writes about may be sweet, she's philosophical enough to acknowledge that things don't always go smoothly. So these songs, mostly about love in the real world, deal with the ephemeral nature of things, trying to live in the moment, letting go of the past, searching for meaning and strength. In Curtis's adept hands, all this positivity avoids pits of cloying sentimentality, even turning a murder into a celebration of the victim's life in "Fools." Curtis's melodic conceits and earthy arrangements are equally sweet, with the occasional swirl of organ, steel guitar, or fiddle giving the songs additional grounding. And for a bonus, she does a beautiful cover of Death Cab's "Soul Meets Body." Opening will be Boston-based singer-songwriter Meg Hutchinson, whose Come Up Full (her first album for Red House) was much praised for her raw-honey voice and poetic lyrics. All ages.
Sun., Jan. 25, 7:30 p.m., 2009

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